Sketches, drawings, and water color and acrylic paintings

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Why I love to make art

It’s the best way I know to express what I see and feel. It’s therapeutic and freeing because it enables me to get what is in my head out and onto paper. I am in control—I get to make the decisions without being influenced by others. It’s a solo activity, which allows me to connect with myself and learn more about who I am. I like how moment-to-moment it is—I can change the direction of my composition anytime, without worrying that I have to stick to a plan. To make good art, I have to be present—to observe myself, the things around me, and be conscious of what I’m putting on the paper or canvas. This teaches me to shut off (or a least calm down) my wandering mind.

Recent works

Recently, I have been experimenting with small watercolor paintings. Most of them end up being scenes from my day—moments when I stopped thinking, even if just for a second, to observe where I was and how I felt. The compositions are colorful, but the content is plain. They're snapshots of my messy apartment, my boyfriend eating lunch, and my cat doing something cat-like. I like them, because they show my life, not the idealized version of it that I post on Facebook. It’s personal, which is uncomfortable, but vulnerability is a pretty cool thing because it’s so raw and genuine.

My creations

100 days - My view at breakfast - Watercolor on paper

100 days - My view at La Fournette - Watercolor on paper

100 days - My view at night - Watercolor on paper

100 days - Watching them swim - Watercolor on paper

100 days - My apartment - Watercolor on paper

100 days - Design and tea - Watercolor on paper

100 days - A cat and her mouse - Watercolor on paper

100 days - My view at lunch - Watercolor on paper

Cow in Field - Acrylic on Canvas

Fazenda Santa Terezinha - Acrylic on Canvas

Runners - Screen Print on Tissue Paper

New Life - Mixed Media on Canvas

Dream Land - Acrylic on Canvas

Self Portrait - Photo

Winter Shoes - Acrylic on Canvas

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