Fooda Branding

Fooda's look and feel


My role

Co-design lead

The design process

I collaborated with the other lead designer to create a new design language for Fooda. We started by interviewing leaders within Fooda to get a better sense of how the company wanted to be perceived. Next, we talked to customers to learn more about how people currently viewed our brand. During the next 10 days, we covered the walls of our conference room with inspirations, sketches, and ideas for how we could improve our brand’s image. Our goal was to get every idea out of our heads and onto paper. This allowed us to think more freely and more divergently. We sketched, critiqued, created illustrations, and debated. Throughout this process, we openly shared thoughts, feelings and ideas, which resulted in a much stronger design language.

The style guide

I documented the design language in both print and digital formats. The style guide was distributed to the entire company and ensured that Fooda maintained a cohesive brand image throughout all internal and consumer-facing visual material.


Tiled illustrations

Illustrations in color

Fooda color palette

How to use the Fooda logo

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