Fooda marketing website

Introducing Fooda to customers


My role

Design Lead

About this project

Fooda wanted a new marketing website to introduce itself and explain the value of its lunch program to users.

The design process

I began this project by getting to know the people I was building the website for—Fooda and its users (first time customers, restaurant owners, and office managers). The business wanted to gain more users, so I structured the site in a way to support that goal (e.g. placing a sign up call-to-action at the top of the homepage). I also designed user flows that would make it easy for users to find what they needed. The most important information to both the business and the users was placed on the homepage and/or linked to in the navigation bar.

The results

In one month, I sketched, created wireframes, designed high-fidelity mockups, made illustrations, organized a photoshoot, and coordinated plans with developers to go from idea to live marketing website.



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