Fooda design sprint

Solving business problems through design


My role

Facilitator and designer

The problem

I was inspired by Google Ventures’ 5-day sprint process and implemented it at Fooda to help solve marketing problems. Fooda was looking for a way to increase its sales through marketing.

The process

I organized the project and invited people from different areas of Fooda to participate in the sprint. I brought in the CEO, COO, VP of sales, marketing manager, product manager, QA engineers, and sales team members. I asked people to give short presentations about the problem as it related to their respective departments. The CEO led us through the business opportunity and the VP of sales explained the sales cycle. Throughout the week, we worked as a team to come up with a solution. It was a unique and valuable experience to have everyone working together on the same level, regardless of their typical status within the company. Titles melted away, which allowed for more genuine collaboration.

The week

Day 1: Understand the problem
Day 2: Ideate on possible solutions
Day 3: Decide on the best solution
Day 4: Prototype the solution
Day 5: Test the prototype on users

The results

After just 5 days we had a testable prototype—a printed book that explained what Fooda does and its value for potential clients. The week following the sprint, I edited the book, organized a photoshoot, shot and edited photos, and put all the pieces together to create the final version of the book. I was able to get the finished product out the door in 10 days.


Fooda marketing book

Fooda marketing book

Fooda marketing book

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