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Why I do it

Taking photos is one of my favorite ways to explore the world. It’s an opportunity to look at something (even something familiar) in a new way. The camera constrains what I see and forces me to look at one small area at a time. This lets me focus on the little scenes that often go unnoticed because my attention is usually on something much larger. The whole process gives me a broader perspective on life and always leaves me feeling awestruck by ordinary things that I usually take for granted.

How I use them

I use my own photos in a lot of my work. At Fooda, I became the in-house photographer and quickly learned how to plate food, set up lighting, and take close-up shots—something I had no idea how to do initially. In my personal life, I use photography as a means of self-expression. In my professional life, I use photography to connect with clients in a more visceral way.

My work

Waterfall - Terraba, Costa Rica

Par de Tucanos - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fooda - Chicago, IL

Dragonfly - Terraba, Costa Rica

Fooda - Chicago, IL

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