Rize logo

Logo design for a sports training company in Chicago


My role

Freelance graphic designer

The design process

Athletics were a big part of my life while I was growing up, so I had a natural connection with this project. To start, I wanted to get a sense of the culture of the company. To do this, I talked with the founder of Rize about the ins and outs of the company. The major goal of Rize is to teach kids how to train effectively and get better in their respective sports. To communicate this visually, I designed an “R” in which the top of the letter slopes upward in the shape of an arrow to represent improvement and growth. I also gave the “R” a wide base and triangular cutout to evoke strength and flair. The lines and curves are sleek and make the logo even more distinctive, which will help people to recognize and identify the brand.

Tweaking the logo

Once I had the basic direction of the logo set and confirmed with the founder of Rize, we began a back and forth, collaborative iteration process to iron out the specifics (exact hue of blue, font, size, etc.). We went through about fifty variations of the “R" before we reached the end goal. We also sampled about a hundred different fonts for the “Rize Sports,” which sits beneath the logo. All in all, we went through over 150 iterations before landing on the final version.


Final version of the Rize logo

Logo printed on a t-shirt

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