Tour Terraba

A tourism website for the indigenous Terribe tribe of Costa Rica


My role

Design lead, front-end developer, and photographer

The Teribe

The Teribe are an indigenous tribe living in the Puntarenas region of Costa Rica. They are a small, self-sustaining community whose love of nature comes across in everything that they do. In order to afford modern conveniences like electricity and internet, the Teribe opened their doors to tourists, inviting them to share in their idyllic lifestyle.

The design process

I traveled to Costa Rica with a team of seven others to meet the Teribe and learn about their culture. Our goal was to create a website that would help market their community to tourists. We spent ten days with them, participating in their daily routines and ancient customs. We shot video of the area, interviewed tribe members, and snapped thousands of photos. When we returned, we designed and built a custom website in under two weeks.


Tour Terraba homepage

Activities page

Photo - a girl and her cat

Photo - carving wood

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